Spiritual Gifts


Matthew 16:21-23 • Acts 5:1-11 • Acts 16:16-18 • 1 Corinthians 12:10 • 1 John 4:1-6



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability to determine whether ideas, actions, or motives come from human, demonic, or divine sources.


Common Characteristics

  1. An ability to see beyond the surface of a person to their motivations and character 
  2. An ability to identify insincerity or deception with accuracy and appropriateness
  3. An instinct for when others may be struggling with something
  4. A tendency to be attuned to body language
  5. A keen intuition or “sixth sense” about a person or situation that can’t be explained
  6. A tendency to trust “gut feelings” when something doesn’t seem right
  7. An strong ability to distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil
  8. A capacity to recognize inconsistencies in a teaching or word attributed to God 


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Use insights into the hearts of others as fuel for deeper prayer
  2. Keep in mind your own faults as a safeguard against becoming judgmental
  3. Guard against sharing insights about people as gossip or using those instincts for your own gain
  4. Trust your intuitions but avoid “witch hunting” for problems
  5. Ask God what you should do with your specific intuitions
  6. Admit when you’ve made a mistake quickly and honestly
  7. Study spiritual warfare
  8. Speak the truth lovingly and avoid developing a “spirit of criticism”
  9. Confirm your perceptions wherever possible before speaking them

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