We at Trinity have found our identity at the intersection of four commitments:



We rebel against the status quo, seeking to follow Jesus together in radical, risky ways.


We join God in the process of creating fresh expressions of timeless faith.


We encounter the living presence of God, who is available for relationship.


We wrestle together with difficult questions about God, life, and the way the two meet.



Our Grounding Convictions

We believe that God desires to be known by all people and can be experienced in genuine personal relationship.

We believe that Jesus Christ has showed us what God is really like and that he alone is our authoritative model for the truly human life.

We believe that God is gathering a people to live together “beautifully strange,” in holy rebellion against the deathly status quo.

We believe that as a resurrection people empowered by God’s Spirit, we can afford to take substantial risks to live out God’s radically alternative vision for the world.

We believe that God is constantly in the process of making things new and invites each generation into creative participation in the emergence of what will be.

We believe in the faithful witness to God of scripture and in the present witness of the Spirit in the living community, continuing to guide us into God’s dreams.


Trinity belongs to a stream of the Christian tradition known as Anabaptism that emerged during the Protestant Reformation. We affiliate nationally with a larger community of believers who call themselves Mennonite Church USA. For more information about beliefs we share with this broader stream of faith, click here.