Who are the Mennonites?

Mennonites are a group of believers grounded in a theological perspective called Anabaptism.

Born out of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, a group of people emerged. Desiring to follow Jesus with their whole lives, they became known as the Anabaptists.  They believed that following Jesus was something that a person chose to do-not something you were born into or that had been handed down. They were committed to follow Jesus as closely as they could, even in the face of great persecution.

Some of the key values of Anabaptism were, and still are:

Jesus is the center

Disciples are those who follow and learn.  It is our desire, as a church to learn from, follow after, and become more and more like Jesus.

Jesus is the focal point of God's revelation

We follow Jesus as he points us to God.  Jesus told us that if we have experienced him, we have encountered God.  We take seriously the teachings of Jesus which call us to love God and to love others with all that is within us.

Churches are called to be committed communities

It's not just about our personal relationship with God, but how our experience of God impacts our relationships with others.  We are a family that walks with, loves, and encourages one another as we all try and follow Jesus.

Peace is at the heart of the gospel 

The world is broken and God is at work fixing it.  War, poverty, oppression, and sickness are all realities of a world in need of repair.  As God's people, we are invited to work alongside of God as he is re-creating the world as he always imagined it.  The world should be a better place because we are in it