Spiritual Gifts


John 12:3 • Acts 6:1-7 • Romans 12:7 • Galatians 6:2, 10 • 2 Timothy 1:16-18 • Titus 3:14



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability to identify unmet needs of others and to meet those needs.


Common Characteristics

  1. An instinctive alertness to detect practical needs
  2. A greater enjoyment of short-range projects with immediate results over long-term goals
  3. A sense of enjoyment in hands-on work and providing for physical needs and comfort
  4. A desire to complete a job with evidence of unexpected extra touches
  5. A devotion to serving others even above personal health and comfort
  6. A need for expressed appreciation to confirm that service is necessary and satisfactory
  7. A general stamina and ability to work hard for sustained periods of time when others may be tired
  8. A difficulty saying “no” resulting in involvement in a wide variety of activities
  9. A joy in serving when it seems to free others to do more important things
  10. An ability to recall the likes and dislikes of others


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Honor others in different kinds of service by lifting them up instead of putting yourself down
  2. Be careful not to neglect your own needs in the midst of service
  3. Develop an interest in others’ lives and respond to them as whole people—spirit, soul, and body
  4. Recognize your service is ultimately to the Lord, even if others don’t thank you
  5. Graciously receive others who desire to serve you
  6. Fulfill the responsibilities delegated to you, guarding against distraction by spontaneous, immediate needs
  7. Listen to the Spirit and test your impulse before moving in.  Beware of interfering with God’s discipline and long-range plays by “bailing people out” too quickly
  8. Realize your serving is spiritual and show interest in the spiritual activities of other gifts

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