Spiritual Gifts


Acts 8:4 • Acts 13:1-5 • Acts 22:21 • Romans 10:15 • 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 • Ephesians 3:6-8



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability to easily cross cultural boundaries and support or create effective ministry work in those areas.


Common Characteristics

  1. An ability to adapt easily to change and assimilate quickly in new settings
  2. A strong emotional attraction toward other cultures or ethnic groups
  3. A facility with languages and ability to pick up others languages easily
  4. An openness to new expressions of faith or unfamiliar practices
  5. A willingness to persevere in times of hardship 
  6. A desire to connect deeply with other people
  7. A tendency to be very aware of global events 
  8. A passion to see other people hear the gospel story
  9. A sincerity and genuineness that other people are drawn to


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Follow world news and spend regular time in prayer for events unfolding in other nations
  2. Commit to intercessory prayer and financial support if you aren’t able to go yourself at this time
  3. Be open to a mutual relationships, learning and receiving from those you minister to
  4. Listen long and carefully before you presume to speak
  5. Distinguish between core matters of faith which cannot can changed and peripheral matters that can be adapted to different cultures
  6. Allow yourself not just to convert but to be converted by the faith of others
  7. Distinguish between the gospel, which is God’s gift to all nations, and western manifestations of that gift, which it is not your job to “export”
  8. Recognize the importance of “cross-cultural” work even among those who share your same nation and language 

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