Spiritual Gifts


Acts 5:1-11 • Acts 18:24-26 • 1 Corin. 2:14 • 1 Corin. 12:8 • 2 Corin. 11:6 • Colossians 2:2-3



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability to understand spiritual truth and mysteries of faith with and share this knowledge for the benefit of the church.


Common Characteristics

  1. A passion for reading and learning in a variety of subjects
  2. An ability to grasp complex ideas easily and absorb information rapidly
  3. An enjoyment of reading the Bible and studying it in depth
  4. A capacity to organize information for teaching or practical use
  5. A tendency to carefully study and research subjects for better understanding
  6. A high value of truth as the key ingredient of everything
  7. A greater general comfort with ideas than with people
  8. A desire to reconcile apparently contradictory pieces of evidence
  9. An interest in deep discussion and in debating complex ideas


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Cultivate an interest in people, not just in ideas
  2. Respect the opinions and experiences of other people
  3. Discipline yourself to seek practical life application for the truths which you are studying
  4. Respect the contributions of  intuition and emotion—the role of the heart and not just the head
  5. Nurture an atmosphere in groups where others feel free to speak their own thoughts and ideas
  6. Remember that your latest discovery, though exciting to you, may not always be what people most need to hear at a given moment
  7. Express interest in things that are interesting to other people
  8. Beware of the tendency of knowledge to “puff up” or lead to pride or arrogance

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