Spiritual Gifts


Matthew 27:57-60 • Mark 12:41-44 • Romans 12:8 • 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 • 2 Corinthians 9:2-8



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability to unselfishly and joyfully use one's resources (money, time, etc.) to support the work of the local church and ensure the needs of others are taken care of.


Common Characteristics

  1. A particularly keen ability to make wise purchases and investments
  2. A desire to give quietly, without publicity or fanfare
  3. An alertness to valid financial needs that others might overlook
  4. An enjoyment in meeting needs without the pressure of appeals
  5. A tendency to practice personal frugality, being content with basic necessities
  6. A concern to seek out worthy causes and give gifts of high quality
  7. An tendency to test faithfulness and wisdom according to how people handle funds
  8. A desire to use personal giving as a means of motivating others to give also 
  9. A joy when a gift turns out to be a direct answer to a specific prayer


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Practice giving generously without attempting to use money to control the people, ministries, or organizations who receive it
  2. Seek to advise rather than judge those who misuse funds
  3. Stay attuned to the prompting of God’s Spirit for where particularly to give
  4. Be aware that not everyone’s financial situation is like yours and of the limits of your knowledge of their particular situation
  5. Encourage others to give without putting on necessary pressure
  6. Invest in projects that benefits the lives of people
  7. Value small gifts and sacrifices, not just large sums
  8. Give of yourself and not just your financial resources
  9. Handle money without undue focus on temporal values (remember where your treasure is)

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