Spiritual Gifts


Acts 8:5-6 • Acts 8:26-40 • Acts 14:21 • Acts 21:8 • Ephesians 4:11-13 • 2 Timothy 4:5



A Holy Spirit-empowered ability communicate the good news of the gospel so that others see their need for salvation, repent, and place their faith in Jesus.


Common Characteristics

  1. A burning desire to share the gospel with other people
  2. An enjoyment of meeting new people and ability to make friends easily
  3. An ability to speak about Christian faith clearly and compellingly 
  4. A boldness in speaking to other people, whether familiar or strangers
  5. A tendency to invite people to church regularly and to lead people to salvation in Christ
  6. An ability to adapt a presentation of gospel to the needs of a variety of people
  7. A deep concern for the souls and spiritual well-being of other people
  8. An ability to insert spiritual truths into ordinary conversations 
  9. A strong attraction to non-Christians


Ways to Grow in Christ’s Likeness

  1. Seek to nurture initial faith commitments into the fullness of Christian discipleship
  2. Practice listening carefully to the stories of other people
  3. Stay connected with a local church community to avoid the dangers of operating a spiritual “free agent”
  4. Be patient and avoid the temptation  pressing people to superficial commitments before they are ready
  5. Help new believers plug into local faith communities
  6. Measure success by faithfulness and not by numerical counts
  7. Be patient with those to whom sharing their faith doesn’t not come as naturally as it does to you
  8. Be flexible, because the same approach isn’t appropriate for everyone
  9. Recognize the complexity of the questions of faith and resist the urge to over-simplify

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