Scott Peterson, Leadership Pastor (email)

Scott gets excited about being a guide and resource for people on the journey of following Jesus in everyday life.  As leadership pastor, Scott acts as a ministry organizer, spiritual leader, service coordinator, and cultivator of a discipleship culture at Trinity Mennonite.  He is thrilled to be working with a gifted team of pastors and leaders who are driven to express God's mission in the unique context of the Phoenix metro area.

Meghan Good, Teaching Pastor (email)

Meghan is passionate about helping 21st century people encounter God in life-changing ways, fall in love with the striking (and strikingly strange) stories of the Bible, and learn to live their faith in ways that make their neighbors ask, “What’s gotten into those people?!”  At Trinity Mennonite she can be found preaching, teaching, discipling, and dreaming up ways the church can rock the world.  In her spare time, Meghan is a writer and amateur enthusiast for all things dinosaur.


Jeremy Kempf, Director of Music and Worship (email)

Drawing on his experience in Mennonite churches across the country, Jeremy deftly weaves a variety of worship styles and expressions into our Sunday morning worship events.  When he's not playing his little guitar and singing his little songs, he's probably in the pool with his kids.  It's hot in Arizona.  



Maribeth Troyer, Director of Care Ministries (email)

Maribeth Troyer comes to the Pastoral Team with experience in caring for others.  As the Director of Care Ministries she is available to walk alongside each as you experience life’s journey. She also can be found organizing different events that are a part of Trinity's family life.



James Schunn, Director of Student Ministries (email)

With ten years of youth group sponsor experience, James Schunn is a volunteer at heart. He finds enjoyment from teaching kids the meaning of servanthood whether it be helping a neighbor fix a pool pump or working with Mennonite Disaster Service building homes. When he isn’t taxiing his kids from event to event, you can find him kayaking down the salt river, swimming laps, or doing absolutely anything involving water (his theme song is “Water” by Brad Paisley). 

Sara Wahl, Director of Children's Ministries (email)

Sara has always had a passion for the littlest people in our community. She started working in child care while in high school and never left. It’s important to her that every child be presented with a loving, caring, and nurturing version of Christ and are taught to share that same love with each other. One thing you might notice about Sara is she’s a slight clean freak, and likes to organize. In regards to superhero’s, Sara’s superhero would be Mr. Clean!  


Cara Chubb, Office Assistant/Communications (email)

Cara's love of all things superhero comes a close second to her love of cooking and baking treats. She finds joy and peace in creativity and loves to create visually interesting graphics for the slides and bulletins each week. Cara has experience in photography and has enjoyed capturing moments on Sunday Mornings and special events here at Trinity through photography. Cara's number one favorite hobby is playing board games with old friends, so if you are ever in need of a game night, just send her a text!