"You have heard it Said...but I tell you" Certainty

This Week's Texts:  Acts 2.22-32

Teaching Link: "You have heard it said...but I tell you." Certainty

Discussion Questions:

“Where there is doubt, faith has its reason for being. Clearly faith is not needed where  certainty supposedly exists, but only  in situations where doubt is possible, even present.” 

Daniel Taylor, The Myth of Certainty

What does the above quote mean to you?


Where do you fall on the scale of “having to know” and “can’t know?” How does that affect your faith?


How much do you find yourself wishing for certainty?  For you, what is the difference between “confidence” and “certainty?”


Think of a time when you have felt guilty  for having doubts? What caused you  to feel that way?


In Acts 2.22-32, what is Peter appealing to in order to give weight to his account of the resurrection?


Often times it is not our "confidence" that shaken by doubt but an encounter with the "certainty" of others.  What are ways that we can cultivate healthy "confidence" without causing others to doubt with a false sense of "certainty?"