The Story: Genesis 1.1-Revelation 22.21

This Week's Texts:  Genesis 1.1-Revelation 22.21

Teaching Link: The Story

Additional Resources:  Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective: Article 4. Scripture


How Can We Get on the Same Page? Rethinking or Relationships with Each Other and the Bible Session I  Jewel Gingerich Longenecker

Things from the teaching to think about:

From Last Week:

  • As Mennonites we have a high view of Scripture.
  • Americans don't know the scripture as much as they think. 
  • Defending the scripture has made it impossible to read.
  • We need a “Third Way” understanding of scripture that is consistent with Anabaptism and distinct from evangelicalism and American culture.

At some point someone wrote something down

The Bible did not drop out of the sky, it was written by people!

These writers had agendas, purposes, and personal points of view.

Luke: I too decided to write an orderly account for you…

The Book of Esther: This is what happened…

John: These are written that you may believe…

Questions for reflection: 

People have been taught to think and talk about the Bible in lots of different ways:

as God’s word, The Good Book, the living word, principles for living, the Word, the absolute standard, THE INERRANT TRUTH ABOUT WHICH THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE, 
God’s view on things, the ultimate owners manual, 
and so on…

What things have you been taught/thought about regarding the nature of the Bible?

What is the Bible? 

What does it say? 

What does it mean?

Think about how these questions have been answered by you and the people around you in the past?

Have the answers changed over time?

How have you approached answering these questions for yourself?

Why is it important for us, as a church, to be able to look at and answer these questions together?