Celebration of First Fruits

Our time together on Sunday was atypical.  Instead of the normal teaching time, the service included sharing by all of the staff, different members and regular attenders, and members of the Leadership Team. Our focus was on celebrating the ways that we, as a church, have seen God work through us to be what God has called us to be in the world. Centered around the themes of worship, comminity, discipleship, and service, we looked back and looked forward as we continue to be faithful to God's call.

It Doesn't Sound Like a Commandment

God saves us so that we can worship God.  What has God saved you from?  What could God save you from that would allow you to experience God in a more profound way?

What forms of slavery/bondage do you see around you?  Can you imagine the spirit of God being a delivering presence in those circumstances?

In what ways is your life an act of worship?