People Jesus Met: The Fishermen


This Week's Text:  Luke 5.1-11, 14.16-24, John 10.10

Teaching Link:  People Jesus Met

For Further Study:  Global Immersion Project

Questions for Reflection:

What negative impressions do you have of “sharing your faith?”  Positive impressions?

You can't catch fish if your net isn't in the water.  Jesus calls his disciples to catch people.  Is your “net” in the water?  Why or why not?

What are some things, personally, that keep you from expressing your experience of abundant life to those with whom you have relationship?

Is the Anabaptist way of following Jesus a good thing for the world?

Would the world, would Phoenix be a better place if more people followed Jesus this way?

How might the life of someone you know be impacted by following Jesus with this community?