Seldom Told Stories of Advent: Numbered


Today's Text: Luke 2

Teaching Link:  Advent III: Numbered

Discussion Questions: 

Luke begins chapter 2 with a reference to Caesar Augustus who was known in Rome as the "Son of God."  What is the significance of the way Luke ends chapter 2?  What is he trying to say?


"In the ancient world, if there was a census, there was nothing good happening for a common person."  What kinds of things did a census represent for people like Mary and Joseph?


What are the circumstances in your life right now that you are the most frustrated with?


In times of uncertainty, where are places you can look to find God at work around you?


God is busy re-creating the world as he always intended it. Even when the road ahead is unclear, and you feel like everything is falling apart around you, how can you partner with God as he builds his kingdom?