People Jesus Met: The Mother and Brothers of Jesus


Today's Text: Mark 3.19b-22, 31-35

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: The Mother and Brothers of Jesus

For Further Study: The Story of Zell Kravinsky

Discussion Questions: 

Jesus was putting himself at risk by continuing to teach in public after the religious leaders had determined to kill him.  Can you identify with the family of Jesus as they tried to protect him?


Have there been times when those closest to you failed to recognize your deepest goals and dreams? What does it feel like to be misunderstood?  How have you dealt with that?


What are some ways that you are being called to risk that will meet with resistance from friends, family, and others?


In what ways does the church serve as family for some whose families have failed them?


Why do we allow those who should be nurturing us continue to hurt us deeply?