People Jesus Met: Levi


Today's Text: Mark 2.13-17

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: Levi

Discussion Questions: 

Reflect on each of the following phrases.  What are some of their implications?

Mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but an attribute of God.  David Bosch

It is not that the church has a mission; it is that God’s mission has a church. Brad Brisco

The mission is God’s.  The marvel is that God invites us to join in.  Christopher Wright

If mission defines who Christ is, and if Christ sends us as he was sent, then mission defines who we are.  Albert Curry Winn

Read the Mark passage.  The three relationships are:

The scribes and Pharisees

Levi and his tax collector friends

Jesus and Levi

How can each group be used to describe the missional posture of a church?


In what ways are we a “missional church?”


Do we exist for those inside the building or for those outside?


How many non-Christians do you know?  


What is your reputation with them?


Think of the person in your life that most needs the gospel?  Now, who is their connection to it?