People Jesus Met: Legion


Today's Text: Mark 5.1-20

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: Legion


Discussion Questions: 


Today's text is about deliverance from demonic forces-the powers of Satan.  Read this quote from Walter Wink:

"Greater forces are at work-unseen Powers-that shape the present and dictate the future...Religious tradition has often treated the Powers as angelic or demonic beings fluttering about in the sky.  Behind the gross literalism of that way of thinking, however, is the clear perception that spiritual forces impinge on and determine our lives."  The Powers That Be, p.3


What are the “powers” that you are aware of that enslave and destroy the lives of people in your world?



How can we be a community that casts out violence, racism, poverty and greed?



In what ways can we be peace makers- to love our neighbors and work to bring about justice in our communities?