People Jesus Met: And He Had Compassion For Them


Today's Text: Matthew 9.35-38, Exodus 2.23-25, Deuteronomy 10.17-19, Mark 3.1-6

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: And He Had Compassion For Them

Discussion Questions: 

Reading the Matthew text, it begins to dawn on us the reason for Jesus ministry.  What is it?


How does that carry through on the character of God demonstrated from the beginning of his relationship with Israel? (Exodus 2.23-25)


How do the things in the "preamble" to the 10 Commandments also demonstrate the core of the character of God? (Deuteronomy 10.17-19)


Reflect on the contrast between God and Pharaoh and Jesus and the religions leaders in Mark chapter 3-Compassion vs. Hardness of Heart.  Talk about a time when you experienced each.  How do each affect the way we live our lives? 


How we take care of each other is a mark of discipleship.  What does how we treat eachother say about our commitment to Christ?

What are ways that you can be ware of the needs of those around you?


What have you gone through that gives you the ability to be compassionate in a unique way?


Is there a ministry that could grow out of your personal experience of practicing compassion?  Could you enlist the help of others?  How can the church help you?