Neither the Scriptures nor the Power of God Pt. II

This Week's Texts:  Mark 12.18-25

Teaching Link: Neither the Scriptures nor the Power of God Pt. II

Things from the teaching to think about:

  • As Mennonites we have a high view of Scripture.
  • Americans don't know the scripture as much as they think. 
  • Defending the scripture has made it impossible to read
  • We need a “Third Way” understanding of scripture that is consistent with Anabaptism and distinct from evangelicalism and American culture.

Additional Resources:  Neither the Scriptures Nor the Power of God Pt. I 

How Can We Get on the Same Page? Rethinking or Relationships with Each Other and the Bible Session I  Jewel Gingerich Longenecker

Questions for reflection: 

What things have you been taught regarding the nature of the Bible?


Can you think of a specific instance where you have been secretly uncomfortable or confused by what you have read in the Bible?


How did you handle or reconcile that?