Lent VI Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed? Garden

Guest Teacher:  Howard Keim, President, Hesston College

This Week's Text:  Matthew 26.36-46

Teaching Link: Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed? Garden 

Discussion Questions:

When was a time when you were deserted? 


Can you describe the time, place and circumstances? 


What do you think about when you think of “indifference?”


Are the associations positive or negative?


Read this example of a "Prayer of Indifference."

Lord, we all come to this table with our own agendas, our own desires, our egos and personal likes and dislikes. In this moment we lay down our wills to seek nothing more, nothing less, nothing else than your will to be revealed among us. Help us to do this very hard thing. Let us know in the moment when we are pushing our own agendas. May each of us die to self so that you might rise and be seen among us in this time of discernment. 



Imagine praying a “Prayer of Indifference.”  What would be difficult about that?  How might it be helpful to you?