Lent V Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed? Renewal

Guest Teacher:  Howard Wagler, Lead Pastor at Journey Mennonite Church, South Hutchinson Kansas

Today's Texts:  Genesis 3.4-9, Genesis 12.1-4, Exodus 3.1-15, Isaiah 6 & 61, Malachi 3.1, Luke 4:14-20,  John 1:14, Mark 3:14, John 20:21, John 20:22

Teaching Link: Encountering God: What Have We Witnessed? Renewal

For Further Study: The Missional Quest:Becoming a Church of the Long Run, Lance Ford and Brad Briscoe

Discussion Questions: 

What are your associations with the word “missionary?”  Are they positive or negative?





Where are the places you live, work and play?


What are the changes you could make to say: “Here I am, Send me.” 


What are there changes our church could make to say: “Here we are, Send Us.”