People Jesus Met: Simeon and Anna


This Week’s  Texts:Leviticus 12, I Samuel 2, Isaiah 49.8-22, Luke 2.21-40

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: Simeon and Anna

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Questions for Reflection:

Read Leviticus 12 and Luke 2.21-40.  How do we know they were poor?

Read Isaiah 49.8-22 and count the allusions to mothers, children and childbirth.

What connections do you make between Simeon's prayer and The Isaiah passage?

Read 1 Samuel 2.  Why do you think Luke wanted to make connections between the prophet Samuel and Jesus?

If God can console Jerusalem, how can he comfort you?

How much do you listen?  Are there ways that you can open yourself to what the spirit might be saying? 

Who needs you right now?   What are some ways  that you might be more present  in the lives around you?