People Jesus Met: John the Baptist


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For Further Study:  The Story of the Beheading of John the Baptist Mark 6.14-29

Questions for Reflection:

Read Isaiah 40.3-5 and Malachi 3.3-5.  Compare the two announcements of the coming Messiah.What are the differences?  What are the similarities?

Read Matthew 3.4-10 and Luke 4.16-21.  Compare the two descriptions of the ministry of the Messiah.  How is John the Baptist's different than that of Jesus?

When you read Isaiah 61.1-2, Luke 4.16-21, and Matthew 11.2-15, how does the wording of the passage change over time?  What is the context of the different uses of this passage?

Read Mathew 11.11-15.  What does Jesus mean when he says that John is the greatest "among those born of women?"  

How does that relate to one who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven?  What is Jesus trying to say?

Think about a crisis of faith you might have had-what triggered it?

In what ways have you had to rethink your worldview  and the way that you thought about God?

What was the hardest thing about that?  

Was there something you needed to give up?  Did you gain anything new?

Why do you think it is difficult for a person to change their mind about a long held belief?