This Week’s Texts: Isaiah 7.10-16, Matthew 1.21-23, John 1.14

Teaching Link: Irruption

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Questions for Reflection:

Read the following quote:

“It seems to me that the incarnation is exactly the opposite of bringing order.  Rather, when God becomes human there is a rupture of every structure and cosmic order...If God become human does not disrupt the order enough, then God actually dies.  However, it does not stop there.  There is an even greater disruption in the cosmic order when Jesus is resurrected.” - Josh Barfield

What kind of “disruptions” have you experienced in your life?  Were they all bad?  Were some of them good?

What would it look like for God to “irrupt” into your life?  What does “God with you” look like for you?

How can you “erupt” into the lives of others?  In what ways can you be “disruptive?” (in a positive way) 

Read this blessing.  How does it strike you?  Discuss the ramifications of what maight happen if it were to be realized.

May you experience a rupture in your life;

As you experience of the irruption 

   of Jesus into your life, may it be disrupted 

     in such a way as to empower you 

      to take part in 

the eruption of the Kingdom of God.