If This Then That


This Week’s Texts:  Matthew 6.25-34, 7.9-11, 7.7-8

Teaching Link:  If This Then That

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For Further Study:  ifttt.com

Questions for Reflection:

Read the first two texts above.  Can you find the If This Then That ideas in the first two passages?  

What does this say about the love that God has for us?

Can you make up an example of your own?

Read the third passage.  When you think of asking, seeking, knocking, what ideas come to mind?  

How do they speak to your relationship with God?

Do you find it easy to ask, or difficult?

Some might use the If This Then That idea to say "IF I ask God, THEN God will give me what I ask for."  What is your experience with this kind of thinking?  Is it true?  If not, why not and what are we to make of these verses?