Celebration of First Fruits

Our time together on Sunday was atypical.  Instead of the normal teaching time, the service included sharing by all of the staff, different members and regular attenders, and members of the Leadership Team. Our focus was on celebrating the ways that we, as a church, have seen God work through us to be what God has called us to be in the world. Centered around the themes of worship, comminity, discipleship, and service, we looked back and looked forward as we continue to be faithful to God's call.

This Week’s Texts:  Leviticus 25.8-55Deuteronomy 16.9-11, 26.1-11

Teaching Link: Celebration of First Fruits (Audio available later in the week)

Downlodable .pdf

For Further Study: Tony CampoloThe Kingdom of God is a Party

Questions for Reflection: 

worshiping community of God’s people, 

Gathering as disciples under the Lordship of Christ, 

Scattering to serve God in the world.

What aspects of community are most important to you?

How have you experienced community at Trinity?

What kinds of worship are most meaningful for you?

A disciple is literally a "following learner."  What are ways that you engage in discipleship?

What opportunities do you have to serve?