The Appeal

This Week’s Texts: Zephaniah 3.1-10,14-20; II Corinthians 5.17-21

Teaching Link: The Appeal

CoTeacher:  Josh Garber

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For Further Study: The Prophets by Abraham Joshua HeschelHouse of Hope/House of Refuge


Questions for refection:

Read the following quotes from Abraham Joshua Heschel's  The Prophets and discuss them:

Biblical religion begins with God addressing mankind, with His entering into covenant with mankind.  God is in need of mankind.  A Supreme Being, apathetic and indifferent to mankind, may denote an idea, but not the living God of Israel.

The God of Israel is also the God of her enemies, Without their knowing Him and despite their defiance.  The enmity between nations will turn to friendship.  They will live together when they worship together.

Have you ever made an appeal to God?  What were the circumstances?

Do you experience God as indifferent to you or in pursuit of you?

God didn’t wait for them to get it together before he was in their midst.  Despite the junk, ugliness, and sin in our lives, how can we believe that God is with us?

What are the responsibilities of an ambassador?

Have you thought of yourself in this role?  

What would it look like in the “world” in which you have been called to be an ambassador?