These Men Are Not Drunk As You Suppose

This Week’s Texts: Acts 2.1-21, Exodus 9.3-8

Teaching Link: These Men are Not Drunk as You Suppose

For Further Study:   May We Risk

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Questions for refection:

What are ways that you can listen to the Holy Spirit as it calls you to where it wants to take you?

In the process of  Revelation-Redemption- Responsibility, where are you?  

What do you need to do, this week, to move forward?  With whom can you do this? 

You may have heard this quote before. “Eleven o’clock, Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week.”

Are there those who are still excluded from the church?

What are you (we) willing to risk in order that all people will be welcome be a part of what the church offers the world?