Like Mother Like God


This Week’s Texts:  II Timothy 1.1-7Matthew 23.11-12, 37,  Luke 23.33-34

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For Further Study:

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Questions for refection:

Mothers often display the characteristics of selflessness,  service, and unconditional love? In what other ways might the women in our life model the qualities of God?

 Read the quote below and discuss its significance:

We don't just want half the pie, we want a completely different pie from the one the men have been serving up to now...We don't want to bring systems of parity into the church now, so that half of the priests, pastors, superintendents, and bishops have to be women. That would be lovely, but it doesn't get us much further. . .What we women really want is that the church should change, not just that we get more power in it. It ought to become a more human church, where certain forms of oppression and destruction of human beings no longer happen, where the gospel is lived in practice, where the principal aim is not to get along with the government and participate in its power, but really and truly to follow the poor man of Nazareth.

Respond to these statements:

Because of the current dynamics expressed in our culture, a move of the church toward greater Chistlikeness may involve a move towards feminization.

"If God is male, then the male is God."

Listen to this clip.  What do you think of his logic?  What does he seem to be most concerned about?

Ideas for Application

Support an organization that helps women and mothers all over the world:  

Mennonite Organizations that address the needs of women both locally and around the world.

Women are predominately the recipients of MCC efforts, both domestic and international. The video below about Sudan is an example of the work that they do.