Leaps Like Deer

This Week’s Text:  Isaiah 35.2-6Matthew 5.2-10

Teaching Link:  Leaps Like Deer

For Further Study: Young Life CapernaumJoni and FriendsGolden Sun, (Facebook)

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Questions for refection:

How have you felt about your interaction with the disabled in the past? 

Although we don't often think about it this way, we all suffer from a weakness, are disabled in some way.  What "disabilities" do you wrestle with, and how do they require you to be dependant on others and on God?

Why do we resist dependence?

How might you step out from what is comfortable and connect?

How are your eyes in need of “seeing?”

What keeps you from “hearing” God’s voice?

The "Kingdom of Heaven" is a present reality of a future culmination.  We have been invited to give our lives to partnering with God to both declare this and bring it about.  Are you “living” or living? How do you know?