God's Creation - Our Home


Guest Teacher: Mark Weins

This Week’s Text: Ezekiel 47.1-12Matthew 5.13-16

Teaching Link:  God's Creation-Our Home

For Further Study: Wendell BerrySex, Economy, Freedom & Community: Eight Essays

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Questions for refection:

Read the above scriptures and discuss them in light of environmental issues.

From the Ezekiel passage, what is the symbolism of the river?  

Where does it originate?  Where does it go?  

What is the result?

Read the Matthew text.  In light of the Ezekiel passage how does this relate to our call as disciples?

What is your primary connection to your relationship with the earth?

What practices are you currently involved in that that are driven by a concern for creation?

Where is God leading you to improve your stewardship of God's creation?

Do you have fresh ideas of Creation Care that you might be able  to share with the Trinity Community?

"Creation care is loving your neighbor."  Have you thought about sustainability in this way?  Might it change your attitude toward creation care?