A Tree to Hang Our Shame

This Week's Text: Acts 5.27-31Deuteronomy 21.22-23Joshua 8.25-27, 10.25-27John 19.31Matthew 3.16.17

This Week's Teaching Audio: A Tree to Hang Our Shame

For Further Study: GungorBeautiful Things

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God rescues us from the powers that  

  we are enslaved to, and that lead us 

    to death.  

Jesus lived the life that we were 

  created to live-a life of Shalom in 

    harmony with the purposes of 

     God in the world.

At the resurrection, God vindicated,     

   vindicates, the life, ministry, 

     and example of Jesus. 

He erases our shame and 

      leaves it on the tree.

Our shame is on the cross:

  Not Jesus.   

The cross and the shame 

   get left behind.  

Jesus invites us to a life of 

  discipleship and those who 

   are joined with him in the 

     resurrection have been rescued  

      from death and continue on 

        to the best possible kind of life.

He takes our shame and 

  makes beautiful things.