Words: Gospel

This Week’s Text:  Romans 1.16

Additional Texts:  Luke 4.16-19Mark 1.116.15Hebrews 1.1-3

Teaching Link:  Words:Gospel

For Further Study: The Non-Violent AtonementAtonement and Violence, J. Denny Weaver

If asked, would you be able to explain the gospel?

Of all the pictures of the work of God in our lives, which one most speaks to your heart?

What is your association with evangelism? Is there a way to reclaim “evangelism” and “gospel” in away that allows us to share the good news with the world?

In anticipation of Lent, and as we consider what it means to talk about the atonement, consider these questions:

Does God have to punish sinners?

Did God want the violence perpetrated on Jesus?

Atonement and Violence: A Theological Conversation
By Hans Boersma, T. Scott Daniels, Thomas N. Finger, J. Denny Weaver

Was it part of the divine plan of redemption?

If so, is God inherently violent?

How does that square with the teachings of Jesus?

If God is violent, does that justify acts of violence on behalf of Christians?

In light of this, how are Anabaptists to do theology?