People Jesus Met: The Suffering Woman

Special Guest Teacher: Lorie Vincent

This Week’s Texts: Matthew 5.21-43

Teaching Link: People Jesus Met: The Suffering Woman

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For Further Study:  Fighting Disease Not DeathLorie Vincent

Questions for Reflection:

1.  What "suffering" are you or someone you love facing that compels you to reach out to Jesus?

2.  Have you decided to take the first step of faith to embrace Jesus as Savior and healer even if you have doubts in God's ability or God's faithfulness to provide for your need? What might be holding you back?

3.  How have you seen God minister to you or someone you love in the past?

4.  How might drawing on that past experience equip you to face current or future circumstances?

5.  In the Bible story, Jesus asks that the miracle of life breathed into a public figure's daughter be kept quiet and makes an individual's miracle regarding a private matter public.  Why do you think this is?