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Sunday's Reflection Questions:

Do you regularly take time out to recharge, refresh, and renew?  What are the barriers to that?

What are the burdens that weigh you down most? Do you experience the menuha of God in your life?

Are there people in your life that you share down time with?  How might living in community enable to share your burdens and give you rest?


This Week’s Texts:  Matthew 11.28-30Mark 6.30-32I Kings 19.4, 9-12Psalm 46.9-10Psalm 23

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study:  Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Discuss the following:

Read and discuss each of the scriptures above with reference to recreation, re-creation and rest.

The Hebrew word for "still" in Psalm 23 is menuha.  Read the following quote by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel:

To the biblical mind menuha is the same as happiness and stillness, as peace and harmony. . .  It is the state in which there is no strife and no fighting, no fear and no distrust.  The essence of the good life is menuha. . . . In later timemenuha became a synonym for the life in the world to come, for eternal life.

How might God's desire for us and the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to proclaim have to do with the idea of menuha?

Discuss the reflection questions above with reference to the above scriptures.