Words: Glance

Sunday's Reflection Questions:

What kind of pain, what kinds of burdens or hardships are keeping you from seeing that God is with you and working in your midst?

What are some ways that you can slow down enough to be able to see what God is doing around you?

Are there people in your life that you share life with?  How are you God’s presence to them and they to you? 

This Week’s Texts: Genesis 22.9-1321.14-1916.7-11, 13

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study:  ColorsRadiolab May 21, 2012


Discuss the following:

Read and compare the stories found in Genesis 21.14-19 and 22.9-13.  What are the similarities between the two stories.  As similar as they are, what are some reasons the one story is so much more well known than the other?

Sometimes, there is something there, but we don’t see it until it is revealed to us.

Describe your biggest "aha" moment; a time when all at once, you realized some truth that had been available to you all along.

Sometimes, what we think we see is not all there is to see.

How does this work in your life?  How have you experienced this?  Are you more or less inclined to believe in things that can not be seen 

Read Genesis 16.7-11, 13.  Many times in the scripture, people get renamed after an encounter with God: Jacob-Israel; Abram-Abraham; Saul-Paul.  But after Hagar encounters God, she renames God.  "El-Roi" means "God has seen."  Knowing that God sees our circumstances and that we aren't alone is one of the most comforting messages of scripture.  Do you believe this?  How might your life be different if this is really true?

Discuss the reflection questions above.