Words: Serve

Sunday's Reflection Questions:

Are you using your gifts to build up the “body of Christ?”  If not, what prevents you?

What are you passionate about?  Where do your passions and gifts intersect with needs within the church?

What are some needs of yours that have been met by those serving in the church?  What are ways that you might be able to serve others as well?


This Week’s Text: Ephesians 4.1-13

Additional Texts:  Psalm 29.10-11Isaiah 43.16-21Psalm 68.18-20, 35Matthew 20.20-28

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study:  Enuma Elish, Tablet VI

Discuss the following:

In the Ancient Near East, it was customary that when a great King accomplished a great victory, he would ascend on high, many times to a throne, and bestow upon his subjects gifts of many kinds.  You can read one of the oldest versions of this meme here.  In the following verses, what has God triumphed over, and what are the gifts he gives:

 Psalm 29.10-11 

Isaiah 43.16-21 

Psalm 68.18-20, 35

Paul uses this same language when he talks about the gifts he bestows upon the church.  Read Ephesians 4.1-13.  What is the great victory of God that Paul refers to?  What are the gifts he gives to his people?

One model of church leadership is that the staff (pastors) do all the work and the church members are the recipients.  What kinds of churches do these tend to be?  What is their ministry focus?  Who do they serve?

At Trinity, we have chosen a model where the church staff recruits, trains, resources, and retains the ministers of the church.  We all have a responsibility to serve.   How is this phrased in Ephesians 4.12-13?

What difference in ministry style and focus might a church with this model have?

One of the central values we have at Trinity is discipleship.  We want everyone to grow in maturity and the likeness of Jesus.  Unless you are a servant, it is impossible to be like Jesus.  Read Matthew 20.20-28.  what are the disciples focused on?  How do you know?  Where does Jesus re-direct them?

Discuss the questions at the beginning of this post.