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Sunday's Reflection Questions:

In the past, what images and ideas has the term “word of God” produced in you?

If Jesus is the action of God in the world, what does that mean for us as disciples of Jesus?

In what ways can the “living word of God” produce action in your life, this church, the world?

This Week’s Text: John 1.1-4

Additional Texts:  I Kings 10.6-7Psalm 33.6Isaiah 55.10-11

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study:  National Geographic "Vanishing Languages"

Discuss the following:


Everyone has a set of lenses through which they see the world.  A set of presupositions with which they construct reality.  This is called a worldview.  What are some aspects of your worldview? (i.e. the world is basically good/bad, God exists/doesn't exist, God is vengeful/loving, etc.)

Your worldview is undeniably affected by language. “Language shapes human experience—our very cognition—as it goes about classifying the world to make sense of the circumstances at hand..."  National Geographic "Vanishing Languages  What does this mean?  What are some examples of this?

One language dies every 14 days. By the next century nearly half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear, as communities abandon native tongues in favor of English, Mandarin, or Spanish. What is lost when a language goes silent?

In our world, words are largely symbolic, a group of letters that stand for a thing.  But in ancient times, words were active, imbued with power.  The rabbis taught that when God created the world, it was spoken into existence. (Read Psalm 33.6)  Can you think of ways that words have power beyond a collection of words today?

A distinctive quality of God is that God communicates with God's people.  Not only is he aware of us, but wants to interact, and while he occasionally will do that through the medium of flaming foliage or meteorological events, he does so with words. The Bible is the story of the ongoing conversation between God and the people God loves.  Much of the conversation is about his purpose for the world, and our participation in God's plan.

Read Isaiah 55.10-11 What is the promise of the passage?

In John chapter 1, Jesus is referred to as the "word of God."  What are some of the ramifications of this?  

Discuss the questions at the beginning of this post.