Sunday's Reflection Questions:

How do the concepts of “commitment” and “fidelity” play out in your life?

How does being a part of a “covenanted” community aid you in your process of following Jesus?

God limits God in order to be in relationship.  In what ways are you being called to “limit yourself” on behalf of Jesus and others?


This Week’s Text: Exodus 20.14

Additional Texts:  Matthew 5.27-28Exodus 24.3-8Ezekiel 16

Teaching LinkAdultery

Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study: website by The Cheating Culture author, David Calahan, with a treatment of the systemic causes of cheating in the United States

Discuss the following:

When we talk about adultery, we often talk about sex.  But for God and the Israelites, adultery was about commitment to the covenant.  Out of 26 verses in the Old Testament where the word for adultery is used, only 9 are about actual marital infidelity.  The other 17 are about Israel's faithlessness to the covenant with their God.  

Read Ezekiel chapter 16 to get a glimpse of the seriousness with which God viewed the breaking of the covenant.

God is a covenant keeping God.  God limits God by the making and keeping of covenants.  We cheat because we want to do what we want.  But when we are faithful, when we honor our commitments, to God and eachother, we are behaving like God.

Discuss the questions at the beginning of this post.