Sunday's Reflection Questions:

How do you practice Sabbath?  Do you?

What might a sabbath look like for your that allows you to enjoy the fruit of your labor without becoming a  burden of legalism?

“Sabbath is for man, not man for Sabbath.” What areas in your life need to be examined in light of this?

What are the things out of balance in your life that the concept of sabbath could re-order?


This Week’s Text: Exodus 20.8-11

Additional Texts: Genesis 2.1-3Mark 2.23-28Mark 3.1-6

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

If you grew up in the church, what memories of sabbath regulations do you remember from your childhood?  Were there specific things you were allowed or not allowed to do?

Often times we define sabbath with reference to work.  Doing this makes work the important element.  Are there kinds of work that are more life giving than others?  Are there types of work that if you were to refrain from doing them, it would not be restful?

Jesus clearly places the concept of sabbath back into perspective (Mark 2.23-28Mark 3.1-6)  The sabbath is intended to be life giving not burdensome.  What does this meant to you?

God gives us an opportunity to step back, slow down, appreciate what God has given us, and to put things back into perspective.  Kind of a reset button.  Sabbath is often used to recharge, to go back to work energizing us and allowing us to go back and give our work our best, having been put in the right perspective.  Are there times recently that you have needed a "reset" button?

In a subsistence culture, like that of the Israelites, were it not for sabbath, you would continue to hunt and gather or farm seven days of the week.  Sabbath saves us from our selves.  What are ways that you are driven and need to be reminded to stop?   

There is a constant battle between "being" and "doing."  In what ways do you derive your identity from what you do?  

In the Bible sabbath is always linked to rest.  Not necessarily rest from fatigue, but rest in the sense of resting in something.  To what extent do you feel like you "rest in God?"  

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