So, What Now?

Sunday's Reflection Questions:

Has your encounter with Jesus changed you?  In what ways are you a new creature?

In what ways has Trinity been a “light to the nations?” How might we take that further?

God has reconciled us to make us his ambassadors.  How can you-personally, specifically- be an ambassador for Jesus?


This Week’s Text: II Corinthians 5.14-21

Additional Texts: Isaiah 42.6-9

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

Read II Corinthians 5.21.  How does the love of Jesus compel you?

Read vs. 17.  The image give is reminiscent of a caterpillar undergoing the change into a butterfly.  What are some ways that a person who is "in Christ" changes?  Is it habits? Behaviors? Priorities?  All three?  None?

What does it mean to be "in Christ?"

Why do you think God made us his ambassadors?

Read through the reflection questions above and discuss them.