For I Know Whom I Have Believed

The path ahead is rarely as clear as the path behind


This Week’s Text:Genesis 17.1-16

Teaching Link"For I Know Whom I Have Believed"

Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

Apollo, the Sun God, drove his chariot through the sky.  Ixcacao, the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, symbolized abundance and fertility.  Based on the experience of God in your life and in the world around you, how would you complete the following phrase, "The God of Jesus and the Bible is the god of ______________."  Be creative and use this as a discussion starter.

Pastor Hal made the case for "The God of Jesus and the Bible is the god of covenants."  American ethicist Paul Ramsey said, "Never imagine that you have rightly grasped a Biblical idea until you have reduced it to a corollary of the idea of covenant.”

Covenants are about promises made between two parties.  God has promised us many things.  We have faith that God will see us through and that as we follow God, God will provide what we need in order to follow.  What are some things that we need in order to be able to follow God?

Read Genesis 17.1-2.  Why was it difficult for Abram and Sarai to continue to trust in God?

Walter Brueggemann says, “Our text is situated in that long, uncertain season before fulfillment, where faith in the promise wrestles with loss of confidence in the promise.”

Have you experienced a "long uncertain season" where trusting was difficult?

The story of Abram is the story of God establishing covenants with his people.  God pursues us!  How do you feel about the God of the universe pursuing you?

Any kind of covenant requires trust.  We talk about having faith in God, but GOd has faith in us.  What could it mean in your life that God has faith in you?

What things can you see behind you that can carry you forward on your path?