Teaching Questions

Text: II Samuel 7.1-17II Samuel 24.20-24

What is your earliest memory of wanting to be something when you grew up? (Click on the photo at right to revel in one young man's vision of his own future as told to a weatherman.)


David wanted to build a house for God (II Samuel 7.1-17.) But God had other plans.  Was there a time when what God had for you was better than what you could planned for yourself?

It is nice to look back and see how God works.  But when you are in the middle of it, it can be really frustrating and difficult.  How do you/have you dealt with such times?  How have you gotten through the times when nothing seemed to be working out?

In II Samuel 24. 20-24 David says, "I will not give to God something that costs me nothing."  What has it cost you to follow Jesus?  Has it been worth it?