Advent II: Floods of Mercy - Surrender

Sunday's Reflection Questions:

What kind of conduit are you?  What flows through you to the world?

How do you feel about surrender?  How can you be more open to and yield to the work God wants to do in the world through you?


This Week’s Text:  Luke 3.1-6

Additional Texts:  Isaiah 40

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Read the Luke passage.  What is this introducing?  What is its connection to Advent?

Luke quotes Isaiah in this passage.  The imagery he uses is geologic.  List them and think what they might symbolize.  How does this language relate to God's work in our lives.

In the worship service on Sunday, we were asked to take a rock made smooth by the effect of water.  What is your sense of the shaping, carving, and ordering of God in your life?  Is it always a pleasant experience?

The creation of a canyon begins with the action of water upon the land.  Over time, the water carves a channel and shapes the contour of the canyon.  Eventually, however, the canyon affects the route of the water.  How does this illustrate our relationship to God, and God's to us?  Do you think that as God works with and through us, we affect God's actions in the world?

Read and discuss the questions at the top of this page.