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Sunday's Reflection Questions:

As you reflect on Jesus and your relationship to him, which have you emphasized most; the Savior or the Lord.

What would it take for you to be comfortable with the idea that you reflect Jesus to others?  Do you believe that?

We point people to Jesus as he points us to God.  In light of this, how might you need to live your life differently?


 This Week’s Texts: John 14.8-12

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Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

For Further Study:  The Naked Anabaptist, by Stuart Murray, The Gospel of Jesus's Wife: A New Coptic Gospel Papyrus, by Dr. Karen King, Harvard University

In the coming weeks, the Sunday teachings will come from the core convictions that many Anabaptist Chirstians share.  While not a creed or a checklist for inclusion, these convictions can become a conversation starter for those wishing to explore Anabaptist theological distinctions more deeply.  The following discussion questions come from Herald Press, and can be found here.

Discuss the following:

Core Conviction 1:

Jesus is our example, teacher, friend, redeemer, and Lord. He is the source of our life, the central reference point for our faith and lifestyle, for our understanding of church and our engagement with society. We are committed to following Jesus as well as worshipping him.

“Example, teacher, friend, redeemer, Lord”: with which of these designations of Jesus do you least identify? How might you explore this further?

What examples can you give of Jesus being “the central reference point” for your life or your church? What examples can you give of him not being this?

Do you agree that in many places Jesus is worshipped but not followed? What are the implications of this?

Hans Denck (an early Anabaptist believer) wrote, “No one can know Christ unless he follows after him in life.” Do you agree? Or is this a return to “salvation by works”?

Over the centuries, those who could confess the creeds were considered Christians.  Stuart Murray proposes that that we should drop the term Christians and call ourselves “followers of Jesus”?  What does follower imply?  How do you respond to the proposal?

Read and discuss the questions at the top of this page.