Blood of the Dragon: Blood of the Lamb


When the empire presents the cross, Jesus presents himself

This Week’s Text:  Mark 1.21-28

For Further StudyRachel Held Evans BlogMatthew Paul Turner Blog

Teaching Link“Blood of the Dragon; Blood of the Lamb”

Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

When you read the Matthew Paul Turner article, how do you react to this type of church discipline?  How does it differ from the accountability we promise to participate in when we become members at Trinity?

At what point does church discipline become controlling and abusive?  What criteria might you use?

Read Mark 1.21-22 In your understanding, what is the difference between “power” and “authority?”

Jesus teaching in the synagogue was a challenge to the religious control the Scribes and Pharisees had on the people.  Why do religious institutions often feel the need to exercise power over its members?

In what areas of your life do you experience the tension between “power” and “authority?”

Read Rachel Held Evans’ blog post.  “Being right is not enough, but it is living out the vision of a new way of living that will eventually overturn the powers of this world.”  As followers of Jesus, how can we exemplify his example of persuasion over coercion?