Unity By Any Other Name

What is unity? And do we have to agree on everything before we can achieve it?

This Week’s Text: John 17.20-21

Additional TextsActs 2.44-47I Corinthians 2.2-5

For Further Study: Rachel Held Evans, Evolving in Monkey Town

Teaching Link"Unity By Any Other Name"

Downloadable group discussion sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

Read John 17.20-21.  Why was it important for Jesus to pray for the unity of his disciples?  What differences did they have?

Jesus prayed for unity for the disciples “so that the world may believe that you (the Father) have sent me.”  How could unity be a sign that God is present in a group of people?

Read Acts 2.44-47.  What differences were present in the early church?  What was the result of the unity that they displayed?

“Unity as commonly used, is really a veiled appeal to orthodoxy.”  What are some subjects that some churches can promote orthodoxy around?

Orthodoxy is a barrier to unity.  Read I Corinthians 2.2-5.  What one thing should we be building our unity around?

In your journey of faith, are there boundaries about which you feel strongly?

What are areas where you feel disconnected from other followers of Jesus?

What might your role be in fostering more conversation and unity?