Robertson McQuilkin and Radical Commitment

This weekend, I talked about the difference between goodness and happiness.While often times the culture encourages the "pursuit of happiness," the things that make us happy, often don't make us good, and the things that make us good, often don't make us happy.  i first heard this concept in an illustration used by Tony Campolo.  He referred to his good friend, Columbia Bible College President, Robert McQuilkin, who had resigned his position with the college in order to care for his wife of forty years who was stricken with Alzheimer's disease.

The story is a powerful one-one of commitment, love and integrity  In a now famous article for Christianity Today, he wrote:

This was no grim duty to which I stoically resigned, however. It was only fair. She had, after all, cared for me for almost four decades with marvelous devotion; now it was my turn. And such a partner she was! If I took care of her for 40 years, I would never be out of her debt.

I would encourage you to read the piece in its entirety.  It is an inspirational call to all of us to seek that which makes us good over what may make us, at least for the time being, happy.

There are also some remarkable resources on YouTube, for those who would like to get to know this man better.  One is the resignation speech when he stepped down to care for Muriel.  The other is a more comprehensive biography of a man, who without the decision to care for his wife, would have been remarkable nonetheless.

I hope these stories encourage you to follow the calling of God in your own life.