Love Wins

Yesterday, I made reference to the controversy surrounding Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins. Becuase our former Lead Pastor, Shane Hipps, is now the co-teaching Pastor at Rob's church (Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids, MI,) and because we enjoy a quais-sister church relationship with MHBC, I thought it was important to address the situation and give some context to what is going on in the larger Christian culture.

If you weren't able to be here, I encourtage you to download, or stream the teaching while driving, cooking dinner or washing your cat.  My hope is that we at Trinity can be a different type of community, one that is equipped to deal with questions, and is centered enough in Christ, to not be intimidated by different ways of looking at faith.

In the teaching, I quoted a review to Rob's book by Dr. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary.  Money quote:

Some folks zeroed in on that one story to condemn me as a heretic. I find their attitude puzzling. Maybe they think that folks like Rob Bell and me go too far in the direction of leniency, but what about folks who go in the other direction? I just received an angry email from someone who pulled a comment out of something I wrote a few years ago in Christianity Today. A prominent evangelical had criticized those of us who have been in a sustained dialogue with Catholics for giving the impression that a person can be saved without having the right theology about justification by faith. My response to that: of course a person can be saved without having the right theology of justification by faith. A straightforward question: Did Mother Teresa go to hell? My guess is that she was a little confused about justification by faith alone. If you think that means she went to hell, I have only one response: shame on you.

I encourage you to follow the link above and read the entire article.  I also encourage you to read Rob's book, and discuss it with friends.  Last week, someone asked me was going to agree with everything in the book.  I said, "I hope not!  I don't have time to read books with which I already agree.  It is interacting with new ideas and ones that challenge what you think that give way to growth and development.