Mary stands at the beginning of Luke’s Gospel as an example of discipleship.  In accepting the call of God, Jesus literally grows in her just as the Spirit of Christ can symbolically grow in our life if we surrender to God.


This Week's TextLuke 1.26-38

Additional TextsIsaiah 7.14Jeremiah 18.1-4

Teaching Link“Vessel,” December 18, 2012

Downloadable group sheet: .pdf

Questions for Groups or Reflection:

1.  Think of different kinds of vessels.  What are they used for?  How are they used?  What makes a good one?  Or bad?

2.  Read Luke 1.26-38.  In addition to it coming from angel, how would you have received this message from God?  What is Mary’s response (there are two, one in vs. 29, the other in vs. 38?)  The word for “perplexed” can also mean “terrified.”  What is there in the message that could be considered “terrifying.”

3.  At very least, this would have been disruptive to the direction Mary’s life was headed.  In what ways can the call of God, if answered, be disruptive to your life?

4.  In Jeremiah 18.1-4, God takes a vessel unsuited for a task, and remolds it, making it useful.  What are some things that you struggle with that you would like God to help you change?

5.  A vessel needs to be emptied sometimes in order to be re-filled.  What are some barriers in your life that keep you from being used by God?  Mary is a model of discipleship in that her answer to God was “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”  Describe a time when you were able to respond to God in that way.